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Bridal Appointment  A 90 minute appointment with a stylist to find your wedding gown!

Our gowns range in price from $500- $4,000 (NEW -special order gowns) and if you’re looking for a sale we offer a collection of Off-The-Rack gowns -no appointment needed.

Have a look around! Our collection is always changing. View just a few of our designers here!

Seating is limited so please let us know if you have a group larger than 5 so we can best accommodate seating for everybody.

Veil & Accessories Appointment  A 60 minute appointment for brides who have found their wedding gown and would like to look at our selection of veils, headpieces, and jewelry.

If you have purchased your gown elsewhere you are welcome to bring it with you as well as anything else to help you get the complete look!

Fine Jewelry Consultation  Take the time to discuss design ideas, metals, gemstone & diamond options as well as pricing. Whether using our custom CAD process or choosing to modify one of our existing designs YDBN can create the engagement ring or wedding band of your dreams.

Alterations Appointment (basic) A 30 minute appointment where you’ll meet with a trained stylist to pin your gown.  There will be a minimum of Three Separate Appointments for alterations at YDBN.  All alterations to your garment are an additional charge. These charges will be discussed at your initial appointment.  If you prefer to meet with a seamstress directly please let us know so that we may arrange. Any alterations appointments should be made by phone to assign the proper member of our staff & have necessary materials available for the appointment.

Contact us at 701-478-1970

1st Fitting – We will pin the top half of your gown. This includes bust, straps/sleeves, sides, & neckline. Any changes made to the top half of your gown will affect the hem length so it is important to us that we pin the lower half on a separate occasion unless you specify.

2nd Fitting – We will assess to make sure the top portion of your gown is fitting appropriately & comfortably. If so, we can pin sides, hem & bustle.

Final Fitting – We will assess to make sure you are happy with the modifications made to your gown and no other changes are required. At this appointment your gown will be ready to take with you.

Alterations Appointment (custom) A 60 minute appointment where you’ll meet with a trained stylist where we’ll allow time to discuss your vision for adding additional style features to your gown such as a topper, hand beadwork, sleeves, etc.  Please bring photos, ideas and an open mind!

A completely custom gown or simply adding sleeves can greatly affect the fit/feel of any gown. If you are requesting modifications or changes to your gown you can expect to come in a minimum of two additional visits with us as doing work in stages is an important part of the process.

Custom alterations are charged at a labor rate of $50/Hour.