A Bride’s Guide to Short Term Storage

The silver lining to many with a postponed wedding or reception means the second chance to wear your dream gown.

Follow proper care & short term storage tips to keep your gown in the condition you once remembered.

1. Choose a safe place to store your gown. Make sure the area you choose is in a dark, cool area free from pests, mischievous fur babies, and fiancés. A guest bedroom’s interior closet is a perfect place to store a wedding gown. Avoid places like attics, basements, or exterior wall closets because they are not always climate controlled.

2. Inspect your gown. Does it need a full clean or spot cleaning? We’ve partnered with a Bridal Gown Cleaning & Preservation Company to offer discounted services to all brides. Ask us for more info! Hang your gown rather than box it up. By hanging your gown, you ensure that it will not be permanently creased. It also allows airflow around the gown. Plus, you can admire it anytime you want!

3. Store your gown in a cotton muslin gown bag. If your gown is currently in a plastic gown bag, remove an place in a cotton muslin bag. Cotton muslin bags are hands down the best way to store your gown. Muslin or a breathable fabric garment bag that is acid-free will not discolor your gown. It keeps dust off your dress and allows air circulation to help prevent mold or mildew.

4. Use all the hanger straps/ribbons. If these have been cut off for your first ceremony these can simply be reattached or new ones can be easily added. Gowns can get heavy! Those ribbons are there to help distribute the gowns weight on the hanger. You will want to loop the hanger ribbons around the hanger multiple times to ensure that the weight of the gown is not on the actual gown’s straps, if you have them.

5. Remember to take care of your veil and accessories, too! They can be stored in an acid-free box with archival tissue paper. Make sure to store them off the floor. You can keep them in the same closet with your dress or in a drawer.

DO take out your gown and examine it periodically. Who are we kidding? Of course, you will! Your gown misses you! Make sure you visit often to ensure everything is as it should be.

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