Making Your Own Mood Board


We always think a important first step in the wedding planning process is creating a mood board. This is something you can bring to all your wedding meetings with vendors to give them an idea and overall feel of your vision. If you ever are wondering if something fits with the vibe of your wedding consult your mood board and see if it is cohesive with that feel.

When looking for what to add to your mood board you can look a few places. Many bridal stores and wedding magazines will post blog posts and posts on instagram of styled shoots with lots of wedding inspiration. Your vendors’ (like your florist) instagrams are also a great place to look.  Pinterest is another great place to find wedding inspiration images (and maybe you have a whole board of images you’ve been collecting over the years). If you have a few different styles you are finding you love, now is when you have to narrow it down. Look for what style or feel is most prominent in all of the pictures you absolutely love.

The next step is to put all of these images in a document together, add a color scheme, and any other details such as pictures of the metal or materials you want to use for decor. You can pull the color scheme directly from colors in the photos. You may need to play around with some options before you find the perfect one. The same goes for photos, once you get them all on the document you may find that some of the photos don’t match the overall mood.  And remember the photos don’t need to be exactly the decor you want for your wedding you are just trying to establish an overall theme, mood, or vibe.

Here is our example mood board we created. Most images were found on Pinterest, one was found on White House Co.’s instagram and the bridesmaid dress photo came from the brand’s website.

IMG_1631.jpgIf you are still wondering what it should look like, go to Pinterest and search “Wedding Mood Boards” you will find many examples of what yours could look like.

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