Finding Your Perfect Wedding Band | Questions to Ask Yourself


So you’re engaged, you’ve got the engagement ring and now you have some time to think about what you want to do for a wedding band. Do you want the wedding band to add some sparkle? Make the overall shape more unique? We will walk you through the questions to ask yourself while making this decision. Find all the bands in these photos and more for sale on the shop tab of our site! 

How much sparkle are you looking to add?

There is many options for sparkle from how big of diamonds, how many, and what shape. Sometimes that thing that helps decide this is how much sparkle is on your engagement ring. You can decide if you want to match it or contrast it.


A little curve around your engagement ring or straight?

This one can be more of a personal preference. Do you love how the curve outlines your engagement ring or are you obsessed with the stacked look a straight ring brings?

Certain shapes of engagement rings can really influence this decision. Sometimes it’s necessary to try on a curved band to see if the curve matches and how drastic of a curve is needed to nicely frame your engagement ring.


One band, two bands, more?

Sometimes one band is all it takes to add the perfect extra detail but a new trend popping up is using multiple bands to create a unique look or creating a stack of wedding bands. Throw an engagement ring into the picture above and get a one of a kind look. And you don’t need to have your whole stack right away, many people plan to curate their stack over time, anniversary present maybe?

Here is an example of a band that looks good with just one band or you can add two and it creates a unique shape and design.



Create a similar look with a ring guard




Look up rings similar to yours online on sites like Pinterest and find some examples of rings similar to yours to use as visuals. Finding visuals can help give you knew ideas or to see how an idea you have in your head would look in real life. Use this research not to tell you what the rule is for what you have to do with your ring but to help you see what you like and don’t like. 

We hope this helped you know more of your options for bands and added a little clarity to your decision. Stop in the store, give us a call, or send us an email if you want to continue the conversation about what ring would be perfect for you.




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