Venue inspiration!

Venue inspiration!

A common belief regarding choosing a wedding dress is that the bride walks in knowing exactly what she wants. While sometimes this is the case, ending up loving a dress that is the absolute opposite of you what you had in mind is not only common, but can be a wonderful surprise! There is nothing wrong with straying from a preconceived notion of the perfect dress, as there are so many factors that go in to making such a big decision.

Your dream dress has to check a lot of boxes before you say yes, and a significant one that can sometimes be overlooked is the venue. How does the dress fit into your ideas about how you want to look as well as the place you are getting married at? If your wedding is on the beach, what style fits into that atmosphere? A wedding taking place in a cathedral is going to have an entirely different style than that of a rustic barn. Bringing together a dress that is perfect for you and perfect for the venue is something that the stylists at Your Day are here to help with!

A specific collection we carry called D.I.D. by Watters was inspired by these exact types of questions. How can a dress combine elements of a bride’s personality alongside the ambiance of the ceremony? The three stylists behind this exquisitely unique D.I.D. line found a way to design dresses that speak to romance, bohemia, elegance, and rustic beauty, allowing you the opportunity to find a dress you can fall in love with that will also compliment your venue.

Your Day’s selection exists to provide you every possible opportunity to find your dream dress and to embody the entire feel of your wedding. Our stylists will answer any and all questions, helping you find a dress to compliment both you and your venue!

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